WindMax Green Energy is the leading manufacturer of top quality, excellent performance, and long lasting wind turbine blades. "Windmax" blades is the market leader in worldwide small wind turbine blades market.

All the Wind Turbine blades are manufactured in state of art manufacturing facilities by our experienced staff. The top notch quality come from better research and development, better selectivity of materials, better process control, better production technique and better quality control. Each blade must pass performance evaluation and stringent quality testing before it is released to the market.

WinMax always leads the small wind generator blades industry with the latest in design, advanced manufacturing technologies and provides complete solutions from design to volume manufacturing.

We serve industrial, commercial and retail customers worldwide.

High Efficiency, Light Weight, Load Balanced, Reinforced Fiberglass Commercial Wind Turbine Rotor Blades have the following sizes available:

6.8 feet (2 meters) diameter
8.5 feet (2.6 meters) diameter
9.2 feet (2.8 meters) diameter
10.6 feet (3.2 feet) diameter
13.1 feet (4 meters) diameter
16.4 feet (5 meters) diameter
20.4 feet ( 6 meters) diameter

WindMax Blades have the highest efficiency in transferring wind power to the mechanical power, commercially deployed by wind turbine manufacturers worldwide.

It has low start-up & cut-in speeds, begin producing power at 5.4 mph (2.4 m/s).

Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) for WINDMAX blades is designed to operate at optimal TSR with small, normal and big generator loads so that maximum wind power is always captured. TSR of WINDMAX blades is 8 at small to normal generator loads, which has the better TSR than wood carved blades. TSR of 8 is the optimal TSR for high efficiency and durable Fiberglass blades, wind generator blades will do the best at the TSR of 8. Higher TSR will result in noisy operation and rapid erosion of the blade edges.

How to match the rotor blades to the generator

A small rotor with a big generator will not generate the full power, while a small generator with a big rotor will generate full power at low winds. But the large rotor will require a strong tower and require better control in high winds, the generator will also need to run at lower RPM.

According to Hugh Piggott’s book, "The usual compromise is to choose a generator which reaches full output in a wind speed around ten meters per second (10 m/s).” “If the generator and the rotor are well matched, this will occur at the design tip speed ratio, and the maximum will be extracted from the wind.”

Improved Blade Design:

WindMax means highest quality and highest performance !!!
WindMax Blade Features:

The Power Coefficient (Cp) for Windmax blade is 0.49, which is among the highest of all blades, CP value of wood blade is in the range of 0.25~0.35, which is much lower than this blade.
The power coefficient (Cp) tells you how efficiently a turbine converts the energy in the wind to electricity, the theoretical maximum of CP is 0.593, actual rotors convert less than this limit (approximately 0.3 – 0.5).

Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) for WINDMAX blades is designed to operate at optimal TSR under low, normal wind and high wind conditions so that maximum wind power is captured under any wind speed.

Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) is the ratio between the linear speed of the tip of the blade with respect to the wind speed.Typical tip speed ratios are 1 thru 10. The performance of a blade’s airfoil (shape) is a function of the TSR.

Tip Speed Ratio (tsr) = (tip speed of blade) / (wind speed).
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